Megan Wood

Geographic Information Systems Specialist

Academic Background

  • Master of Science, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), University of Redlands, 2003
  • Bachelor of Science, Environmental Science, Willamette University, 2001

Professional Experience

Ms. Wood is a professional Environmental Scientist and GIS Specialist with extensive experience assembling and managing staff, services, hardware and software needed in the design, construction, and administration of both environmental project-based and core geospatial data systems. Ms. Wood has experience in siting, permitting, and planning of energy projects. Ms. Wood is highly effective at applying a wide range of technologies from spatial and non-spatial disciplines towards achieving project and company-based data management and application goals. She has served as Project Manager and Assistant Project Manager on several midstream oil and gas permitting projects.

Using GIS tools, Ms. Wood has experience compiling environmental resource data and combining it with map overlays of the electrical transmission grid. Such maps are among the key documents used to identifying opportunities and environmental constraints for establishing feasible transmission line routes for the interconnection of new generation and renewable project siting. This analysis aids clients and reduces project costs by identifying environmentally-sensitive areas that should be considered for avoidance or mitigation, and by focusing field surveys on only the most likely project areas.

Ms. Wood has provided GIS and database support to project managers and other scientists involving spatial and 3D analysis, geodata processing, data interpretation and conversion, scripting, linear routing, and figure generation. Ms. Wood has been involved in a wide range of environmental consulting projects including: natural gas storage and pipeline permitting, transmission line routing, ecological risk assessment, remediation, mine permitting, groundwater modeling, and feasibility studies. Ms. Wood is responsible for developing project specifications, allocating resources, managing the growth of services, and ensuring quality in all phases of production.