Valued Clients

USE’s clients include most every major utility and independent system operator in the WECC, dozens of generation owner/operator/developer companies, including wind, solar, and conventional, as well as several Fortune 500 companies that have need for USE’s expertise. USE adheres to strict internal protocols that allow us to stay independent, unbiased, and objective. Our unique corporate structure allows us to maintain firewalls that have allowed us to operate for 19 years without issues concerning confidential information or concerns for conflicts of interest.

Utility System Efficiencies, Inc. (USE) is proud of its long list of valued clients. We have a high regard for client confidentiality; therefore, we do not list specific clients publicly. Below is a description of our client base:

Publicly-owned utilities
Investor-owned utilities
Power producers
Electrical system equipment vendors
Electrical system operators

Because of the confidential nature of much of our client work, we do not publicly post this list on our website. For more information on our client list please contact USE at