Ben Stephenson, P.E.

Principal Power Systems Engineer

Academic Background

B.S. Electrical and Electronic Engineering, with an emphasis in Power Systems, California State University, Sacramento, 2002

Professional Experience

Ben Stephenson is an accomplished engineering professional with a strong technical background, extensive experience, and a deep understanding of the electrical utility industry. Mr. Stephenson has over 19 years of experience in transmission system planning. Mr. Stephenson joined Utility System Efficiencies, Inc. (USE) in 2008. At USE, Mr. Stephenson has performed numerous interconnection studies most of which required scoping the study, building and checking the system model, performing power flow analysis, transient stability analysis, post-transient analysis, short circuit analysis, testing the system under multiple conditions for reliability, and preparing a report. The types of studies performed include Interconnection Feasibility and Interconnection System Impact Studies in the WECC. Interconnection projects include natural gas/combined cycle, wind, solar, and battery energy storage technologies. Mr. Stephenson has also worked with several utilities, generation, and transmission developers throughout the Western Interconnection performing various types of analyses with a primary focus of work in the southwest. Mr. Stephenson has also worked with generation developers in the Eastern Interconnection preforming generator screening studies. Regions of experience in the west include: APS, BPA, IPC, LADWP, NVE, NWE, CAISO/PG&E, PacifiCorp, PSCO, CAISO/SDG&E, CAISO/SCE, SPPC, SRP, Tri-State, TEP and WAPA. Regions of experience in the east include: SPP (KS, ND, NE, NM, OK, SD, west TX, WI) and MISO (IL, IN, MO, and WI).

Mr. Stephenson has performed various short circuit studies using Aspen in the CA, AZ, and NM systems for various clients. His work experience primarily involves modeling renewable resources such and wind and solar as well as hybrid systems with Battery Energy Storage Systems. His responsibilities typically include modeling new transmission and generation facilities in Aspen and calculating three phase and single line to ground fault currents at various stations. Some applications have included use of the Aspen Breaker Rating Module to calculate the fault current at specific circuit breakers.

Prior to joining USE, Mr. Stephenson worked as a Senior Transmission Engineer for Z Global, Inc. During his short time at Z Global, Mr. Stephenson helped develop the Z Global LMP Model used to forecast nodal prices in the new California ISO Market Design. Mr. Stephenson also advised generation developers on interconnection issues throughout the WECC.

Prior to joining Z Global, Mr. Stephenson worked as a Senior Regional Transmission Engineer for the California ISO. His focus was on day-ahead transmission studies throughout the PG&E service territory. These studies included preparing a model of the system, power flow analysis, voltage stability analysis, transient stability analysis, preparing a short description of the results and mitigation measures, and training the transmission operators as required. While at the ISO, Mr. Stephenson was the lead for the ISO Short Term Transmission Plan which is an integral component of the company’s annual Transmission Plan. The focus of the plan is on the upcoming three to five-year time horizon. It identifies reliability issues and details the short term or immediate mitigation measures and long-term mitigation projects that address the issue. PG&E service territory regional experience included: San Francisco Bay Area, Fresno, Kern, North Coast, Humboldt, Drum, Sacramento, and Stockton.